It is time to announce the annual call from society members for Henno Martin Medal nominees.

Click here for the guidelines for the nominations

The nominations must be submitted, in full, to the secretary by 15 October.

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Henno Martin Medal awardees 2016 - John Wilton, Hilton Philpot, and Louis Polomé– with Dr. Roy Miller and Dr. Gabi Schneider



Henno Martin Medal recipients 2013 - Dr. Martin Pickford and Prof. Brigitte Senut


Since 1999 the Geological Society of Namibia has (based on member nominations) awarded the Henno Martin Medal to an earth scientist or group of earth scientists who/that has made a significant contribution to improving the understanding of the geology of Namibia. The word geology in this sense is broad and includes academic work, discovery of a significant oil or gas field or ore body (such discoveries generally involve more than one person, hence the consideration of a group of earth scientists where the discovery was the result of a team effort) or advances in our understanding of Namibian hydrogeology.

To broaden the scope of the nominees, on even numbered years (such as 2008) the award sub-committee will also consider the contributions made by international geoscientists although Namibia-based scientists could be nominated as well. Candidates do not need to be members of the Geological Society of Namibia.

To nominate a candidate for the award of this medal please send your nomination with a motivation and abridged CV of the nominated candidate, including a list of his/her publications to the Hon Secretary (geolsocnamibia@gmail.com).

Previous Henno Martin Medal Awardees are:

  • Anton Lombard, John Wilton, Hilton Philpot, and Louis Polomé, 2016
  • Dr. Martin Pickford and Dr. Brigitte Senut, 2013
  • Prof. John Moore, 2012
  • Prof. John Ward, 2008
  • Mr Karl-Heinz Hoffmann, 2003
  • Prof John Grotzinger, 2002
  • Dr Branko Corner, 2001
  • Prof Paul Hoffman, 2000
  • Dr Roy Miller, 1999