Talks 2008





18 March 2008     Paleogene Vertebrate Palaeontology in Afro-Arabia by Dr N Stevens, Ohio University, USA



28 March 2008     Kilimanjaro – A Slow Walk by Dr R Swart, Windhoek, Namibia



23 April 2008     AGM talk by Dr J Ward



27 May 2008     Collapse of the Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica: Climate Forcing, Sediment Record, and Biotic Consequences by Dr E Domack, Hamilton College, US



06 June 2008     Uranium in Iron-oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG) Deposits, and Mining and Mineral Resources in the 21st Century by Prof M Hitzmann, Colorado School of Mines, USA



12 June 2008     Jack Hills: New Insights Into the Earliest Crust From the World’s Oldest Zircon and Diamond Record by Prof S Wilde, Curtin University, Perth, Australia



27 June 2008     Neoproterozoic Igneous Complexes Emplaced Along Major Tectonic Boundaries in the Kaoko Belt (NW Namibia) by Jiri Konopasek et al, Czech Geological Survey, Prague, Czech Republic



08 August 2008     The Roter Kamm Meteorite Impact Crater and its Ejecta Apron in the Southern Namib Desert of South-Western Namibia by Dr Roy Miller, Windhoek, Namibia



19 August 2008     Hyper-spectral Imagery for Mineral Exploration – The Latest Hymap Survey Contracted by the Ministry of Mines and Energy by Dr Mike Hussey, Hyvista, Perth, Australia



23 August 2008     The Evolution of the Damara Orogen of Namibia by Dr Roy Miller, Windhoek, Namibia



31 October 2008     Cenozoic Uplift Around the North And South Atlantic by P Japsen, and Neoproterozoic Allochtonous Salt Tectonics During the Lufilian Orogeny in the Katangen Copperbelt, Central Africa by P Japsen and M Jackson



14 November 2008     From the Mantle to the Bank: The Life History of Some Ni-Sulfide Deposits by Prof T Naldrett, Univerity of Toronto, Canada



03 December 2008     The Origins and Consequences of the World Financial Crisis and the Outlook for Namibia During these Turbulent Times by R Sherbourne, Old Mutual, Wndhoek, Namibia